Netsol as a Solution Provider

The Solutions

Smart Building Solutions

Netsol set its intelligent Building Services strategy on long term business objectives and built its capabilities and partnerships, to facilitate the implementation of the facilities owners vision.

A Smart Building is a term widely used today to refer to the use of technology in providing:

Communications (Telephony, Internet access & Video)

Security (CCTV Surveillance & Access Control)

Energy Saving and Resource Control (Electricity, Lighting)

Car Park Management, Perimeter Protection

Audio Visual Systems

24/7 Monitoring, Operating & Facility Management

Regardless of the diversity, building owners are motivated to implement such services in various degrees because of the following advantages :

They provide tenants with modern and secure communications and information capabilities along with other comfortable lifestyle services that allow owners to charge higher rental rates and get better return on their investment.

Provide facility owners with efficient and cost effective tools to operate the facility, reducing the on-going operating costs and raising their profitability rates.

Allow facility owners to meet the ever evolving strict environmental regulations imposed by environmental, municipal and governmental organizations on a worldwide basis.

A direct result of the above is higher on-going revenue facility that benefits the financial results.